Shaping the Future of Healthcare

During this era of healthcare transition, BloodCenter's hospital partners are dealing with historic change and unique challenges. Amid this new environment, BloodCenter is providing innovative solutions to hospitals to help them make improvements in the area of transfusion medicine.

TxMD™ is BloodCenter's name for the collaborative initiative with our hospitals to provide the right blood, to the right patient, at the right time. TxMD™ represents services that are derived from our physicians' expertise and driven by our mission to advance patient care.

"We welcome this leadership effort by BloodCenter to share best practices and help to find solutions during a time of enormous change," said John Oliverio, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. "Their transfusion medicine offering will advance our common goal to provide better patient outcomes and service, as well as reduce costs."

BloodCenter's physicians and blood management experts consult with hospitals every day in the life-saving treatment of patients. That treatment is made possible because of thousands of generous blood donors and our commitment to a safe and reliable blood supply, not only in our community, but across the country.

It was through the unique gift of blood that Santos — born prematurely and weighing just over a pound — was able to develop and grow. Today Santos is an energetic 7-year-old with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. "Santos received nine transfusions. He would not have survived without blood donations," says Santos' mom. "I thank every donor from the bottom of my heart."

As the future of healthcare unfolds, our partners and patients can be assured that we are working toward the best possible outcomes for the patients in our community and around the world.