BloodCenter contributes to the Continuum of Care of patients in partnership with hospitals in the following Wisconsin counties, as well as many communities across the country:

BloodCenter is the statewide connection for the Be the Match marrow registry.

In the midst of an ever-evolving healthcare environment, the interconnected world of medical and scientific research is all the more important. BloodCenter's Continuum of Care begins with Discovery, and those discoveries are critical to providing the basis for future patient care and helping to ensure high-quality patient outcomes.

Our innovative research and renowned expertise has helped patients around the globe in the area of transfusion medicine, heart disease, stroke, cancer, immunology and stem cell biology.

As a premier research center for blood-related diseases and conditions, we are making new advances each day in our basic, translational and clinical research programs. Our investigators are using gene therapy as an approach to treat bleeding disorders, bringing new hope to patients with hemophilia and von Willebrand disease. We are making great advances toward new treatments that will improve the lives of sickle cell patients around the world.

In a healthcare future where change is inevitable, the support of our philanthropic donors is also more vital. It allows our medical and scientific experts to indeed work each day toward achieving new discoveries that will lead to cures. It is through those discoveries that we can shape the future of healthcare for patients in our community and beyond.

Gilbert C. White II, M.D.
Executive Vice President, Research Director
Blood Research Institute

The dynamic period of change in healthcare has inspired the theme of our Community Report — Shaping the Future of Healthcare through Discovery, Diagnosis, Treatment and Cure.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin is taking a leadership approach through its Continuum of Care to shape a positive future for all we serve in the healthcare community — patients, donors, and our healthcare partners. The video within this Community Report reflects the commitment by BloodCenter and its partners to achieve this mission.

Our leadership is evidenced in the development of the Centers for Transfusion and Transplant Medicine (CTTM), the organization through which we are forming new partnerships and providing new products and services to a broader healthcare community. At the beginning of 2013, BloodCenter of Wisconsin and Heartland Blood Centers formed an alliance in which Wisconsin and Illinois hospitals and their patients will benefit from our Continuum of Care and enhanced products and services. Together, we will provide better patient outcomes and enhanced quality of service, while lowering the cost of care overall.

Our new blood management system, TxMD™, provides our healthcare partners with access to our renowned transfusion medicine team, along with cutting-edge technology and specialized blood matching. Through TxMD™, and the life-saving generosity of our volunteer blood donors, our hospitals can better provide the right blood, to the right patient, at the right time.

The growth we are realizing with these new approaches means more patients benefit from the unparalled expertise of our Diagnostic Laboratories and world-renowned research. We will provide new and better medical treatments and cures for patients like Lulu and Jomar who are featured in our Community Report. Our innovations in basic, clinical and translational research continue to result in advances to help patients with blood disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer and immune disorders. Our cutting-edge genomic testing is facilitating more life-saving matches for transplant patients like Dominique. Because of a life-saving organ donation, and the dedication of our organ and tissue recovery teams, Dominique can now pursue his dream of a professional basketball career.

Through our Continuum of Care, and the commitment of our leadership, staff and volunteers, BloodCenter is uniquely positioned to thrive in a changing healthcare environment and to shape a better future for patients, not only in our community, but around the world.

Thomas J. Hauske, Jr.