Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Jomar's life was dramatically altered when he was diagnosed with hemophilia after an injury he suffered while in elementary school. The treatment he needed required Jomar to make regular trips from his home in Racine to Milwaukee, sometimes every other day. However, thanks to the training he received through BloodCenter's Comprehensive Center for Bleeding Disorders, Jomar, now 25, is able to do home infusions on his own. "It made a tremendous difference in my life," says Jomar. "My goal is to continue my education and work toward a career in the medical field."

Proper diagnosis of a bleeding disorder is critical to patient care. BloodCenter's expert testing capabilities and comprehensive approach to genetics testing help to ensure an efficient and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Kenneth Friedman, Medical Director of BloodCenter's Hemostasis Laboratory, leads a team of skilled laboratory scientists committed to treating complex diseases such as hemophilia. Knowing the genetic profiles of hemophilia patients allows physicians to predict the risk of a patient developing an immune reaction to hemophilia drug treatments.

Physicians around the world rely on BloodCenter's Diagnostic Laboratories for the leading-edge testing, technical expertise and the consultative support of our staff. They are helping to shape a positive healthcare future for patients through accurate diagnoses, enabling patients to begin life-saving treatment and the best possible care.