Shaping the Future of Healthcare

When Vicki lost her 22-year-old daughter, Alyssa, to a car accident, she searched for the strength and courage she needed to be there for Alyssa's daughter, Abbey. Vicki found comfort knowing Alyssa was able to donate her kidneys and pancreas, allowing others to live.

"Alyssa gave the most generous gift that anyone could ever give," said Vicki. "Two beautiful people live on now because of Alyssa."

Seeing the greater good that could come through organ donation gave Vicki the strength she needed to move forward — for herself and for her granddaughter, Abbey.

Vicki now serves as a BloodCenter of Wisconsin volunteer speaker and advocate for organ and tissue donation.

Organ, tissue and marrow donation helps to save and enhance the lives of patients every day. Yet, thousands of people are on waiting lists hoping for a second chance at life.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin helps donors and donor families to provide life-saving gifts to those in need while acknowledging the legacy of the donor. In addition, our world-renowned physicians and clinicians work each day to end life-threatening illness — advancing studies to improve tissue matching for transplants, thereby improving the survival rates for patients. You can give others a second chance at life by registering to be an organ, tissue or marrow donor.